Seth's Links:

below are personal links of the artist..

George Segal - The great Artist and Humanitarian

Sunny Sra - one of the most talented Photographers I've ever seen

Ronny Müller - one of the best eyes for photography I've seen in a long time

James Justin Brown - a very talented and mature Artist

George Curington - very well done biomorphic abstractions

Brian Caldwell - art of clarity

Image Gallery of max lyons - amazing artist

The Galleries at Digital Paint - John Pangia....cool guy

Chris Cargo - fascinating work

Chad Greene - an excellent artist (check out the life/death series)

John Jacobsen - take a look at the recent art work there

Robert Corwin - great digital art

Gary Kaleda - very moving art here, a great artist

Art Space - wonderful site

911gallery - great digital art site

Digital Salon - Digital Art


BreezeBrowser by Breeze Systems - makers of the best Digital Workflow Application in the world


Below are reciprocal links..

The Internet Art Database - Find art from thousands of web sites.

artelino - Art Auctions


The Cedar Store: Outdoor Furniture Specialists



Agora Gallery, Soho, New York

The paintings of artist Elizabeth Hack

Amazing watercolor and oil paintings by a disabled person, A MUST.
A gallery of watercolor and oil paintings by a Quadriplegic Artist who paints with a brush held in his mouth, commendable.

ArtQuest Link


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