Biography Information of Seth Lew

Gallery Showings & awards:

April 27th 2003 My Art has won the contest to be in a future version of the [R]-[R]-[F] - Festival This is an online festival as well as a physical festival.

 Brief of the letter from the curator of the events:

"....I am happy to inform you your proposal had been selected for participating in one of the coming versions of [R]-[R]-[F] - Festival which will stand under different curatorial subjects...."

July 1st 2002 My Art on the theme of "violence" has won the honor of showing at the "Violens" Festival Tábor (Czech Republic). My winning submission will be shown on their "Violens" Festival Tábor online gallery from August 15th-26th, 2002. The event was organized by CESTA (Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor). I'm very happy to participate in this distinguished event.

May 21st 2002 Works chosen to be shown at online gallery of  a-virtual-memorial.org look in the "Memorial of the victims of Aids" and "Memorial for the victims of terror"

1996-1998 At various times Seth's art was chosen to show on the walls at the 'State of The Art' Gallery in Ithaca, NY

1992 Single recipient of 1992 'Eugene Greenberg Memorial Art Award' . Bestowed at Graduation Ceremony from Tottenville High School.

1991 New York State English Council calendar contest winner, artwork accepted for show in October section of the calendar. Artist appears in Staten Island Advance

1991 artwork awarded first place for 'American Cancer Society' 1991 anti-smoking calendar (in high school category), article about The Artist in the Staten Island Advance

About me:

An Artist of 15 years. I create most of my recent art on the computer. With the help of my digital cameras, scanner, printers and the internet. I endeavor to make great fine art. I hold myself, artistically, to higher standards. I judge my artwork, not just by my peers, but by the old masters of art. I find strength with Bacon and Picasso, with de Kooning and van Gogh. I push forward to the future, while finding help from the past. I strive to get all my distractions out of the way, to better get my artistic ideas across. Lately my art is unfolding to new and exciting horizons. I harness "the digital" to my advantage. It gives me great freedoms. Freedoms unheard of in Art History. The modern computer has opened new and exciting avenues to artists. It's impact will be felt for years to come. But for all the digital hoopla, the computer is still a tool. It still requires a talented artist working the tool.

Student at:

1988-1992: Tottenville High School

1993-1994:  University of Rhode Island

1996-1998: Ithaca College

2000: Rutgers University o.o.c.e.


Artists' favorite Quotes:

"all throughout history the way of truth and love have always won"

"every man goes through hell to reach heaven"

"when I make a portrait of you, it's really a portrait of me"

"we should leave the world better then when we arrived in it."

"save yourself, then you can attempt to save the world"

 "bad life, good fuel, for great art."


George Segal, Francis Bacon, Picasso, Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, Willem de Kooning , Leonardo Da Vinci, Giotto 

eMail Address: set @ theartiststudio.com

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