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angrylowres.jpg (9926 bytes)

angry (acrylics)

  under pressurelowres.jpg (11249 bytes)

under pressure (acrylics)

  the screamlowres.jpg (11912 bytes)

the scream (acrylics)

happyredfacelowres.jpg (6538 bytes)

happy red face (acrylics)

boringstilllifelowres.jpg (10018 bytes)

boring still life (acrylics)

christlowres.jpg (4409 bytes)

christ (watercolors)

go awaylowres.jpg (10584 bytes)

go away (acrylics)

herecomesthesunlowres.jpg (9081 bytes) 

here comes the sun (acrylics)

impotencelowres.jpg (4986 bytes)

impotence (acrylics)

  myriad of formslowres.jpg (11191 bytes)

myriad of forms (acrylics)

   orange guylowres.jpg (9210 bytes)

orange guy (acrylics)

   romanmanlowres.jpg (9159 bytes)

roman man (acrylics)

  seeing redlowres.jpg (15141 bytes)

seeing red (acrylics)

stages of manlowres.jpg (11065 bytes)   

stages of man (acrylics)

the debaclelowres.jpg (13928 bytes)

the debacle (acrylics)

   the perfect manlowreslowres.jpg (12849 bytes)

the perfect man(collage)

   the scream v3lowres.jpg (14001 bytes)

the scream v3 (acrylics)

   the scream v4lowres.jpg (10138 bytes)

the scream v4 (acrylics)

the scream v5lowres.jpg (14040 bytes) 

the scream v5 (acrylics)

  the wantinglowres.jpg (8004 bytes) 

the wanting (acrylics)

  thecrosslowres.jpg (10857 bytes)

the cross (acrylics)  

  winolowres.jpg (9304 bytes)

wino (acrylics)

woman and childlowres.jpg (8286 bytes)  

woman and child (acrylics)


longfacelowres.jpg (8903 bytes)

cruiceifylowres.jpg (9237 bytes)


death becomes himlowres.jpg (7267 bytes)